Anita Finger-Smith

4199 Wolfetown Road
Cherokee, North Carolina 28719

Phone: 828-497-2742


Contact between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time


  • Native American Research
  • Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Research
  • Cherokee Tribal Membership Eligibility & Applications
  • Forced Removal of the Southeastern Tribes, also known as the Trail of Tears
  • Western North Carolina Research
  • Genealogical Research & Records

  • Lectures:

  • Rooted to the Earth: The Basics of Cherokee Genealogy
  • Documenting Kinship in a Native American Family
  • Passage through Time: Cherokee Records, Manuscripts, and Ethnographic Material
  • Light on the Path: Missions and Schools among the Cherokees
  • Indian Lands into the Market Place: Cherokee Land Cessions, 1721-1835
  • Forming New Worlds: Cherokees, Whites, and Land in Western North Carolina, 1819-1829
  • Toward the Setting Sun: Forced Removal of the Indians from the Southeast
  • Genesis of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
  • Tsalagi Threads: Cherokee Clothing from the Revolutionary Era to Today
  • Thomas' Confederate Legion: North Carolina Cherokees in the Civil War
  • American Indian Records at
  • Fact or Fiction: Researching and Documenting Native American Heritage
  • Post-Removal Legal Status of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
  • Round Up vs. Resistance: Cherokee Removal Period in North Carolina
  • Verify or Dispel Traditions of a Cherokee Ancestor

  • Speaking Conditions:

  • New lectures may be developed upon request
  • Honorarium, lodging & transportation (home housing not accepted)
  • Require screen, lectern and microphone (if needed)
  • Masters furnished for handouts
  • Audio or video taping is not allowed unless prior arrangements have been made with the speaker

  • Previous Engagements:

  • Institute of Genealogical and Historical Research (Samford University, AL)
  • National Genealogical Society Conference (Raleigh, NC)
  • North Carolina Genealogical Society Webinar
  • National Trail of Tears Association Conference (Cape Girardeau, MO)
  • Cherokee Nation Community and Cultural Outreach Conference (Tulsa, OK)
  • Kentucky State Archives (Frankfort, KY)
  • Tennessee State Archives (Nashville, TN)
  • Pellissippi State College (Knoxville, TN)
  • Western Carolina University (Cullowhee, NC)
  • Lincoln Memorial University (Harrogate, TN)
  • Red Clay State Park (Cleveland, TN)
  • State and Local Library Groups
  • State and Local Society Meetings
  • Daughters of the American Revolution Meetings
  • United Daughters of the Confederacy Meetings
  • Trail of Tears State Chapter Meetings

  • Bio:

    Anita Finger-Smith is the principal genealogist for Cherokee Genealogy Services, licensed by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Additionally, she is an independent researcher focusing on Cherokee resources, manuscripts, and record analysis. She has served as an adjunct faculty member at the Institute of Genealogy & Historical Research (IGHR) at Samford University. She has presented lectures at a variety of local and state genealogical societies, libraries, schools, and tribal communities throughout western North Carolina and the surrounding states. Even though Anita specializes in Native American genealogy, she enjoys lecturing in person or via webinar on a wide variety of topics. Anita is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogist (APG), the National Genealogical Society (NGS), North Carolina Genealogical Society (NCGS), the Genealogical Speakers Guild (GSG) and many local genealogical societies. She proudly serves as a National Delegate for the North Carolina Trail of Tears Association and for more than 20 years, she has instructed the Cherokee Indian Reservation Public Library Genealogy Program. When not attending to genealogy duties, she serves as co-owner of Bearmeat's Indian Den, an authentic Native American art gallery located on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina.

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