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1220 Olympic Way West
Seattle, Washington 98119

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Business Phone: 206.724.8574
Email: jkmorelli@gmail.com
URL: genealogycertification.wordpress.com

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ProGen 19
Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy: "Advanced Methodologies" 2014
Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy: "Advanced Practicum" 2015
University of Washington Genealogy & Family History certificate


Methodologies for genealogists of all levels.
Scandinavian research
Migration & immigration
House histories
Midwest, 19th century
Writing & self-publishing your work
Internet genealogy
Genealogical Proof Standard (series & single presentation, all levels)


Contact Jill for a full list of her lectures. Here are some representative examples:

Unraveling Family Myths Using the Principles of Logic: Using three case studies, Jill explores the family myths that are ubiquitous in everyone's family history, but also recognizes that no myth should be discarded before investigation for elements of truth. Using the principles of logic we separate the provable from the possible and the unprovable.

Genealogical Proof Standard According to Sherlock Holmes: A fun look at the GPS. Who knew Sherlock used the GPS? Jill recognizes that everyone starts at a different point and conveys the material in a way which all can comprehend and strive to incorporate into their personal familial exploration.

I Found my Family on the Internet! Now What Do I Do?: Often we find information on websites which seems to match our family's information. In this presentation we learn to read the URL, analyze the host, the contributor, the information and the evidence to determine its validity.

An Overview of Scandinavian Research: Intimidated by international records? You are in luck! Scandinavian records are some of the easiest to access and to understand. The record sets of emigration, vital/parish records and censuses/clerical surveys will be reviewed for Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

How Swede it is!: An Overview of Swedish Records: Swedish emigration, parish, clerical surveys, probate and tax records are accessible and with just a 100 word vocabulary anyone can read the records of this Scandinavian country.

Insanity in the 19th Century: One Family's Story: We are told as children, Shhh, don't talk about Aunt Jane. As genealogists we may find that she was in an insane asylum or mental health hospital (depending on the era of the confinement). Explore the history of institutionalization and treatment of the insane from Bedlam to the 20th century with an in-depth look at the life of one man confined in Illinois in the 19th century. Records publicly available will be compared with those accessible through the courts.

Just Do It! Self-publishing Your Work: As a publisher of multiple books, Jill presents the process of development of the document, laying it out for publication and publishing the work. This can be a workshop if desired. This presentation has also been modified to include writing your memoirs.

Using the Non-Population Schedules for Context and Evidence: This is a look at the other federal enumerations taken during the 1800s: agriculture, manufacturing/industry, mortality, community information and the Delinquent, Dependent and Defective Classes schedules.

Soldiers, Spies & Farm Wives: the Changing Roles for Women during the Civil War: War is horrific and the Civil War was particularly so. Nevertheless, war also offers opportunities for those with the disposition to stretch the boundaries of society's norms and often these were women. We will explore the roles of women before the war, the roles they accepted during the war and the legacy of the Civil War.

Your House History--Wherever You Live!: While having deep knowledge of King County land records, Jill has discovered some common principles for investigating your house's history wherever you live. As an architect, Jill brings her expertise of her vocation to her avocational expertise in document investigation.

Speaking Conditions:

Speaker will:

  • Supply laptop and projector
  • Provide lectures at all levels- basic, intermediate, and advanced
  • Travel outside of Puget Sound area
  • Accept home housing
  • Accept all day presentations
  • Develop new lectures on request

  • Previous Engagements:

    Jamboree! Southern California GS regional conference 2015
    Washington State Genealogical Conference 2014
    Northwest Genealogical Conference 2015
    Nordic Heritage Museum, 2015
    LDS Family Fair 2014, 2015
    Ostfriesen Genealogical Society of America (OGSA) conference (2008, 2010, 2014, 2016)
    Local genealogical societies (all multiple presentations):

  • Whatcom County (WA) Genealogical Society
  • British Columbia Genealogical Society Spring Seminar
  • Cape Cod/Falmouth (MA) Genealogical Society
  • Fiske Library, Seattle
  • Southern King County (Seattle) Genealogical Society
  • Seattle Genealogical Society

  • Bio:

    Jill Morelli lectures and writes on genealogical topics that often transcend the more narrowly defined family history. She provides general genealogy services and house histories in the Puget Sound and national venues. She has spoken before large (300+) and small groups and is an engaging and entertaining speaker who conveys genealogical concepts suitable to the level of the audience. She has been previously published in local, regional and national publications.

    Jill writes frequently at her blog 'Genealogy Certification:A Personal Journey' (web address is noted above) about her educational efforts to become a certified genealogist.

    Jill is an architect by vocation, working for the University of Washington's School of Medicine and has lectured across the country.

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