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French-Canadian, Ontario, Quebec, Native American/First Nations, Michigan


What’s in a Name? Clues to Ethnicity and Alternative Spellings - Surname Variations and How to Use Them: Utilizing her own genealogy research, Judy offers the various degrees of surname variations, how to include these in your family history work and how to detect the signals that there may be a name change in your ancestors’ past.
French-Canadian and Acadian Genealogy: From extensive experience in researching the founding families of Canada, this workshop includes information about online research resources, key social media help areas and the fundamental tools of this elaborate and well-documented group of people.
French-Canadian and Acadian Genealogy: Francophones in North America: Follow the earliest French settlers as they move into and out of Acadia (modern day Nova Scotia) and Quebec and out throughout North America. Learn about online resources, family societies and books that will help you follow your ancestors’ movements.
You CAN Take It With You! Mobile Genealogy Tools: Utilizing the mobile tools of Ancestry.com, RootsMagic, Legacy, Evernote and more, you don’t have to take your huge notebooks of family genealogy with you to the library when doing research. There are many tools that you can take on your computer, tablet or Smartphone!
Researching On Location: Traveling the World Doing Genealogy Research: Planning in advance is the key! With checklists, recommendations for travel planning and equipment to take with you, research BEFORE you go and helpful hints from the speaker’s own travel experiences, you can be prepared and make the most of your trip.
Beginners, Don’t Lose Your Senses/Census: Utilizing the various census enumerations around the world, learn valuable information about your ancestors, their movements, neighbors and ethnic groups as well as economic information. Learn where to obtain free blank census sheets and how to track your family over time.
Ancestry.com – Effectively Using It: You’ve seen the ads, you’ve thought about how to find your family, but did you know that you can access this resource FREE? Learn how to effectively use both the free and paid versions of Ancestry.com.
Networking Online, in Societies and Newsletters: Finding your ancestors can be made easier by reaching out beyond your immediate family to other family genealogists around the world! Learn where to find the people that you need, distant cousins and photos, geographical information and more when you use the power of the internet.
Beginning Genealogy: Effective Strategies & Tools: Millions of people are trying to develop their family tree but how many know the effective, time-tested ways to do this? If you are beginning, learn the fundamental tips that will keep you on track and getting results!
So You Think You Are An Indian Princess?! Native & First Nations Research: Family legends often tell of an ancestor who was the daughter of a chief or some other Indian relationship. Come and find out the truth, myths, facts and information about how to determine if your family descends from Native or First Nations people.

Previous Engagements:

  • Association of Professional Genealogists, Professional Management Conference 2017 - What’s In A Name: Surname Variations & Keys to Ethnicity (poster session)
  • Oakland County Genealogical Society, December 2016 – You CAN Take It With You! Mobile Genealogy Tools and (upcoming- December 2017) What’s In A Name: Surname Variations & Keys to Ethnicity
    Orion Township Community Library, January 2016 – Beginning Genealogy Research
  • Fox Run Genealogical Society, January 2016 - What’s In A Name: Surname Variations & Keys to Ethnicity
  • Commerce Township Library (Commerce Township, Michigan), series of monthly genealogy courses: Ontario Research, Finding Military Records , French-Canadian Resources, Faith Communities & Their Records, Don't Lose Your Senses/Census, September 2015 to December 2017
  • Networking On-Line, in Societies & Newsletters and French-Canadian & Acadian Genealogy: Francophones in North America - National Genealogy Society, 2000 Conference in the States, May 31 – June 3, 2000 – Providence, RI
  • The French-Canadian Migrations Out of Quebec and What’s In A Name: Clue to Ethnicity and Alternative Spellings - National Genealogy Society, 1998 Denver, CO

  • Bio:

    Judy has been researching her family tree from the age of 12, specializing in French-Canadian, Acadian, Native American and Michigan research. Beginning as a professional genealogist in Europe in 1993, she has lectured at the National Genealogical Society’s conferences in 1998 and 2000, as well as conferences in Europe and around the United States. She is currently writing a book of the matrilineal descent of her oldest female ancestor in Normandy, France. Traveling extensively around the world, Judy has visited and researched in the villages and archives of Germany, France, Quebec, and Ontario where her or her husband’s family lived. Owner of Lineage Journeys, she conducts research for clients and offers presentations in churches, libraries and organizations. Judy is the Corresponding Secretary for the Oakland County Genealogical Society, a founder of the English-Speaking Genealogists of Europe, NATO Chapter and a former AOL Genealogy Forum leader. A member of the National Genealogical Society, Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, French Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan and many more.

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