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West Linn is a suburb of Portland, Oregon

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Voting Records: Genealogy’s Best Kept Secret!
These often-overlooked gems are packed with genealogical information, and you won’t believe what they can tell us about our ancestors!

Migration: Why They Left, Where They Went, and What Their Journeys Can Reveal
Why did our ancestors dare to leave home, or settle where they did? See what secrets are revealed as we track them across the ocean, across the country, even across town.

Pits I Have Fallen Into and How to Avoid Them!
Genealogy is a great treasure hunt, but the clues can be easy to misunderstand. Learn to dodge pitfalls that can keep you from reaching your goals.

Eastern European Genealogy: If I Can Do It, So Can You!
Achievable strategies for finding your ancestors’ original names and places of origin, locating records, and dealing with foreign languages.

Beyond Names & Dates: Filling In the Stories of Our Female Ancestors
For most of recorded time, women didn't leave much of a paper trail. Nonetheless, these ancestors led rich, full lives, and it is up to us to find ways to tell their stories. We'll look at ways in which local history, laws, politics, natural disasters, probate inventories, and other resources can help.

Becoming a Better Genealogist
Techniques to make your searches more successful and to ensure that the family you are following is your own!

Speaking Conditions:

Projector required. Microphone is needed for large rooms.

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In 2016:
Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree
Genealogical Council of Oregon’s Summerfest
Linn County, Oregon Genealogical Society
Genealogical Forum of Oregon
Homewoods on the Willamette
Washington County Genealogical Society
Oregon City Library
Roots Quest 2016


Pam Vestal is a professional genealogist, author, and speaker from West Linn, Oregon, and the owner of Generations Genealogy, LLC.   Her articles have appeared in the Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly and her lectures have taken her all over the west coast.  With a background in professional theatre and a 20 year career as a writer, her lectures are rich with content but also entertaining and structured to keep the audience engaged, featuring vivid graphics and lots of original documents to show exactly what is being described.

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